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About BoxWrench

'Basic Engine Building' is the first ever interactive DVD engine building tutorial. Eight detailed sections wit over 3 hours of instructions designed to show even the first time mechanic how to properly rebuild any type of engine.

       1. Preparation     5. Pre Assembly

       2. Removal          6. Final Assembly

       3. Disassembly   7. Installation

       4. Machining       8. Start-Up


Narration, animations, graphics and professional video content that show you the complete rebuild process like it's never been shown before. The interactive format of DVD video allows the viewer to navigate through the rebuild at their own pace.

A perfect video for anyone interested in working on engines or just interested in finding out more about what goes on inside of any gasoline powered, 4-cycle internal combustion engine.

'Basic Engine Building'

BoxWrench Series

Volume 1

3-Hours of Educational Video

The Ultimate Instructor !