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There are three main concepts that need to be understood before doing most engine assembly, re-assembly or basic engine tune-up work. The layout of Cylinder Numbering is different across the mojor makes of automobiles. The Firing Order is extremely various when you compare engine types even within the same automotive manufacturers engine families. It is also critical to engine work to know the Distributor Rotation Direction for the Distributor Rotor beneath the Distributor Cap.

The engine models listed below contain all of the most commonly used engine specs to help you in your stock engine rebuild or performance engine build-up. The engines listed below contain:

Firing Order

Firing Order represents the order in which the ignition system will fire the spark plugs after the starting point of Top Dead Center for the #1 piston.
Block-Cylinder Numbering
Cylinder Numbering refers to how the bores within the block are oriented and numbered. The numbering is often different between auto makes.
Distributor Rotation
Distributor Rotation refers to the direction that the rotor (located underneath the distributor cap) will spin as the engine runs.
Critical Torque Specs and thread sealers or lubricants are detailed for each engine as well. *

     *In some cases, cylinder and intake manifold bolt tightening sequences are listed as well.

Warning: There is no guarantee that these specs are accurate for your specific year and engine type. Consult a factory issued repair manual for exact specifications if you feel they are not represented properly here. If you find errors or have information that could be added here, please contact us.

Chevy Ford Chrysler

Small Block V8

Big Block V8

260, 289, 302 (5.0L)

351W (Windsor 5.8L), 400

351C (Cleveland)

352, 360, 390, 406, 427, 428

429, 460, 514

HEMI 426

Big Chrysler

B/RB Engines
361, 383, 400, 413,
426 (Wedge),  440

Small Chrysler

273, 318, 340, 360 A Engine

Pontiac Oldsmobile Plymouth
265-455 V8 Generaton One 277, 301, 303, 313, 318, 326 cid
Generation Two
No Data
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